Dogfish/Vidatec - Contract

I lead the user centric design process from concept to delivery,
helping the client secure funding for new contract roles and partnerships.


▪︎ Wireframing
▪︎ User Interface
▪︎ User Experience
▪︎ Visual Design

▪︎ Video production
▪︎ Animation
▪︎ Prototyping
▪︎ User testing session

Tools USED

I concept design a data-driven interactive system based on conversational design or ‘coach' which can identify skills, meta-competencies and measure cognitive abilities using games and learning materials.

I helped facilitate a meeting to gather requirements, produced kick-off meeting notes, red routes , site flows and user jouneys in order to gather feedback and consensus.

Once the site flows and project plan where defined, I have produced this User-Journey map to help define further actions, tasks and relationships between the different roles and stakeholders. This also helps illustrate the different contexts using design patterns and UI.

For the employer side:
The idea is to fill the details to query the database for candidates based on their skills and meta competencies and hit 'Find candidates’.
Once the list had return the user would be able to make refinements and select candidates for review or invite to apply directly.

For the Job Seeker:

I have developed several prototypes for testing and gathering feedback using maze-design Analytics.

Delivered conversational design flows, photorealistic mockups and demo videos for presentations. 

Moderated a user testing session using the think-aloud protocol with 12 participants and produced several forms and system of usability scale to gather feedback data.


Helped secure funding for new contract roles and partnerships. Produced key web and mobile app deliverables to inform future development.

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