Deltadna, Onboarding

I designed and co-developed the product from concept to delivery. I also did most of the testing and QA on both platforms.


▪︎ Contextual Enquiry 
▪︎ Information Architecture
▪︎ Wireframing
▪︎ Prototyping

▪︎ QA
▪︎ Development
▪︎ Visual Design
▪︎ Animation

Tools USED

My client was looking for an easy way to calculate how much salt is needed for any given location. After the initial meeting, the client and I have produced some rough sketches to understand the challenges. I started ideating wireframes to define information architecture to get approval before start producing the prototype.

The salt required can be calculated by input the area manually or by drawing or pinning an area from a map.
I concept designed the alerts overview to make forecasting of all locations even easier at a glance by severity level.
Red means snow that needs to be de-iced, and green means all good, no salt required.
The forecast feature uses data directly from the MET Office UK.

I used Axure to prototype and test the app concept before development.
The goal was to add value to PeacockSalt customers and order salt directly from the app.

I have published the apps and produced the app screenshots and support materials.


The app has been well received by the industry and have since cloned and rebranded the app for a retailer and partner. Produced several iterations to support new features and other innovations.

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