Elionze group collaboration, personal project 
Skillz Miner

I created fingerbeat and took many roles across the project from UI to Bug reporting and QA. I also made most of the demo beats and commits of assets as well as trivial changes directly to the GIT repository.


▪︎ Wireframing
▪︎ User Interface
▪︎ User testing
▪︎ Visual Design

▪︎ Web Design
▪︎ Video Production
▪︎ Bug Reporting
▪︎ QA

Tools USED

When iOS first came about I wanted to create a self expression music instrument ‘made for fingers’ that was discoverable and intuitive. The main goal is to have fun making beats by capturing ideas and be able to mix and perform live. 

Soon after building a team, I started concept design and prototyping in a Agile environment.
We listen to feedback and iterated constantly. We collaborated remotely the entire time, only meeting ocasionally. 
The app has since been maintained in order to support latest iOS versions, design trends and monetisation models. 

Fingerbeat helped me and my team to develop and progress on our careers. 
For example, being invited to port the app for a Heineken campaign named ‘Beat Lab’.


Fingerbeat was one of the first mobile music-studios ever to appear in the AppStore since iPhone3G in 2009.
The app was featured by Apple and mentioned in articles from many outlets such as: Wired, Fast-Company, Josh Spear just to name a few. Launch video had over 278k views and FingerBeat has been downloaded 131K times with a turnover of over £120K+ to date. 

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