Ddna Onboarding
Full time

I was the lead designer responsible for the entire UI-UX Design process from concept to design for implementation. 


▪︎ Wireframing
▪︎ Prototyping
▪︎ User Interface
▪︎ Visual Design

▪︎ Animation
▪︎ Video
▪︎ Appstore Deployment

Tools USED

We needed a game that was on-brand and could help developers understand how to set-up and operate the platform on a real live game. The game showcases features like; game balancing, smart-ads,  real-time targeted campaigns just to name a few. 

From the kick-off meeting it became apparent that a simple match3 game was the most sensible for it’s popularity and developers and support services where already using the name for their own integration prototypes.
I developed the visual language and came up with the idea for the first world map. The biggest challenge was to craft an idea that could be scalable for other worlds, isles, episodes. 

I collaborated with developers, game designers and producers both internally and via github.
I used Unity platform to replace assets and commit changes directly to the repository.

I was responsible for the UI-UX and visual design throughout the whole iteration processs, including videos, microsite, appstore assets and deployment.

Targeting and balancing  messages examples managed via the platform.


The journey of having our own test game itself has proven to be critical tool for developers to improove the integration process and support teams in helping clients with tickets.

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