Salt Calculator  & Weather Alerts
Full time
Deltacrunch, Demo Game

I concept designed and produced the full interactive pieces. I also collaborated with a developer to integrate Analytics of stages and steps for gathering quantitative & qualitative data.


▪︎ Wireframing
▪︎ Prototyping
▪︎ User Testing

▪︎ Development
▪︎ Visual Design
▪︎ Animation

Tools USED

The challenge was to create a onboarding process to facilitate new and existing users to grasp the power of the platform by wearing the different hats and following the interactive guides, later called ‘quests' for gamification and scalability. 

I gathered the project content, requirements and agreed on the project scope with the project manager.
Started concept designing the IA and user interface for testing, gathering feedback and approval.
Once I got the content I designed all the stages and steps using sketchApp artboards and translated them into a Hype project where I produced the web-interactive transitions and animations.

Integrated google analytics to track progress on events, button clicks, pages, in order to gather quantitative & qualitative data.


Retention and platform adoption increased. The iteration was well received and reduced support requests for trivial questions and issues. New users felt supported.

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