I was reponsible for producing the designs for implementation working closely with developers and product manager to deliver production ready assets into GIT repositories for release.


▪︎ Wireframing
▪︎ Prototyping
▪︎ User Interface

▪︎ User Experience

▪︎ Javascript

▪︎ Visual Design
▪︎ Animation
▪︎ User testing

Tools USED

Buzz is a companion app for CBBC TV Channel packing funny videos, mini games, quizes aimed at a young audience.
I have worked with an amazing team of developers, designers, and project managers at chunk-group for the ©BBC. 

I was asked to produce several flows and wireframes for parental approval process and handle entire design production and delivery for implementation using SketchApp . This involved deliverables such as site flows, style guides, design patterns, animations and etc.

SVG Animations 

I have produced animations for diferent interactions and stages of the digital product.


Content Management System

I contributed to the CMS with several assets, usability evaluations and iterations suggestions.


The app was well accepted and promoted via BBC own channels and local press.
Featured by Apple on the fall of 2018.

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