I am an open-minded critical thinker who is passionate about humanity-centered design, big-picture thinking and adding value. I believe that asking the right questions can create meaningful change. As a facilitator, I help teams gather consensus and deliver outcomes.
I like to see things from different perspectives to uncover opportunities for collaboration and design innovation.  
I am interested in design for emotion, creating empathy and desirability in digital products.


My multi-disciplinary skill set and years experience are invaluable to the iterative cycle of any product or team. I can contribute to developers repositories directly and document steps to reproduce. I like to use context and animation in interactions and get excited how little details impact and drive the data.
Data is as important as intuition in pattern recognition. Critical thinking from discernment and instinct can go a long way with me. I enjoy thinking deeply of experiences to translate real feelings into UI and Prototypes that can be tested and defined into products that satisfy users.


I started my digital design career in Portugal most prestigious tech-hub ‘TagusPark' working with interactive design pioneers 'Spiff Design Interactivo' having won several awards for digital design and innovation for a wide range of high profile local clients such as CIN, Optimus, Biotherm, Clix, just to name a few. I have extensive experience with sound-design and music production, having co-created one of the first royalty-free musicloop web-stores for multimedia use ‘elevator53’ and a EDM electronic music project ‘huma-noyd live’ having performed in festivals worldwide. 


• User Journeys
• Site Flows
• Wireframes
• Hi Fidelity Prototyping
• User Test Recording
• Interaction Design
• Visual Design
• Sound Design
• Motion Design
• Digital Compositing
• 3D Modeling & Rendering

Soft Skills

• Natural trouble-shooter
• Hard-working
• Conscientious
• Supportive
• Empathetic
• Goal-focused
• Motivating and inspiring
• High sense of integrity
• Introspective
• Perceptive
• Adaptable to change

CORE Tools

Wireframe, Prototype, Visual Design

Adobe CS 
Design Production

Prototyping, Animation

Development, Git repository 


Prototyping, Collaboration

Web Development, Prototyping

Prototyping, React, Visual

Axure RP 
UI, Wireframes, Prototyping, Visual Design

MY Process

Because every project is unique, it requires a different aproach each time.
Deciding how to solve a problem is the first design problem to be solved.

Understand the problem

I usually meet with client and stakeholders to ask as many good questions as possible. After the first engagement, I report my findings to gather consensus on requirements, business goals in order to plan the human-centered design process and suggest any activities. Usually wire-framing and user testing with internal teams or real users.

Understand the users

User research is important to understand the context of use  the different types of users and to help define  needs and requirements. At this point we may produce a series of deliverables depending on the project stage such as surveys, user flows, user journeys and etc.

Ideate, Design Solutions

After analysing the results, I block-out information architecture and develop the first wireframes and prototypes to gather feedback. These can be relatively accurate in terms of layout and fidelity. If a design has no empathy or enough design intention the feedback may not be useful.

User Testing

Testing the designs using internal teams and external users is paramount in validating and questioning our assumptions. I like to record user testing sessions while the participant talks aloud.

Empathy & Visual Design

Create visual communication and meaningful content. Gather consensus with the users and established goals.

Evaluate the designs

Iterate and make changes until the solutions meet the user requirements and are aligned with the business goals.

Derive Insights

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